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Hi People Tuesday 22nd january 2008

Guess the parliamentary Standards Commissioner is another to go on the list of those culpable in the criminal negligence of Crazydave and other vulnerable adults, based on his not replying so far to my email complaint. Eh Mr. Lyons of the BBC Trust?? Much like I wonder if you can be held culpable, for the BBC part in bullshitting the nation that this protest of mine at the Welsh Assembly doesn’t exist.

I find it hypocritical that BBC Wales are running an advert regarding abuse. There are many forms of abuse Mr. Evans, from physical and sexual to mental and emotional there is also the abuse of treating a human being as though they do not exist and have no rights.

They say as you judge so shall you be judged like wise. It seems that everyone has judged me unfit to exist. Therefore they shall be judged likewise? From the First Minister to your camera men and interviewers yes even to Mr. Richard Evans, and his weekly phone in show, but worse culprits of all are South Wales Police and the IPCC who are supposed to oversee them and don’t. Yes even to Judges, who apparently cannot see when government paid employees are taking the piss out of clients.

Where is the Secretary of State for Wales when all this is going on??? To busy in Ireland or to busy trying to buy his way into the deputy prime minister job, as if he hasn’t got enough to do already, he can’t even keep his eye on the ball of where funds go in his own office let alone what the hell is going on in Wales.

Question: Who investigates the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner when he doesn't do what he is frigging paid handsomely to do????????


Question: lets start with why aren’t they investigating Rhodri Morgan and his Wife Julie’s refusal to write to the water company, pointing out to Dwr Cymru that it is in fragrant violation of the Human Rights Act, in demanding to know where debtors spend their minimum incomes???

Question: Government claim they desire or bullshit the public that they desire, to create more renewable energy generation. Yet my MP and those bastards in the Welsh Assembly refuse to debate the use of micro-water wheels. No doubt all because Crazydave suggested that our rivers be utilised to provide the necessary 20 or 40% increase from a renewable source??? That’s an obscenity for a start.

They also refuse to provide data that they ought to have regarding the cost of installation of these wind turbines with a cross analysis against solar and the cost per output between the two sources, seeing as these wind turbines are heavily subsidized by the government.

Only for shareholders to later make a killing, while the impoverished languish in one room because they cannot afford to heat the whole of their flats.

Question: the Register of electors threat of £1,000 fine for non-completion is again another attempt at subverting the Human Rights Legislation with respect to privacy, an issue I took to Julie Morgan way back in 1999-2000. These Local Authorities like to make pretend that they have the Law on their side when they are vagrant breach of the Law. Remarkable, but then as the Local Government Ombudsman is just another defence mechanism of government to protect itself from the public; they are hardly like to yell NO! ARE THEY?

We have no scrutiny, and local councillors are deaf to anything I have sent them on any issue. They like the BBC Trust member’s are also culpable in criminal negligence, or something would have been done about my housing situation by now, and I would not be living under an abuser still, the very least would have been the provision of fencing at the back of my garden, so that the abusers could not damage or steal from that, while I was out standing up for my human rights.

QUESTION: There is no quorum figure for making the Welsh Assembly a legal body. At present we are rule by a cabal of the 43% minority who chose to vote. We the 57% majority refused to endorse them in any way shape or form. But as the public are treated as sheep by these bastard politicians. They wangle it any-which way they can in order to remain in power. The Electoral Commission doesn’t give a monkeys stuff because it keeps them in employment, and the Media ignore that the majority vote was NO, 57% NO.

I had always been taught that democracy was based on the will of the majority. Well the non-participatory majority have had their will subverted in the name of expediency. That’s not democracy, that’s criminals playing at being a government, its only unfortunate that Her Majesty endorsed it and has by that action made herself also culpable in the Criminal Negligence of Crazydave. For if someone had investigated these claims made since 2004 then 50 of the members who currently occupy seats following the last election would either be in jail, or been barred from ever holding public office, for their part in the criminal negligence of Crazydave and other vulnerable adults. Wouldn’t they Judge Hickinbottom.

QUESTION: Then there’s the rateable value of houses of multiple occupancy, which no one seems to care less about. Decided by some jobs worth at the council, who have a vested interest in maximising the charges, so that they can cream in rents, so that they can cream in the council tax, so that the government can cream in the vat on all the overpriced utility charges. Yet my MP doesn’t raise the question. I’ve had a banner that reads ‘re-designate houses of multiple occupancy shared houses’ outside the Assembly for 4 years.

But you never hear that debated on the middle class media talk,talk,talk about the caring society bollocks do you. Why? Well there’s the rub. In truth they don’t give a fig for a caring society as long as the Elite are well fed, well housed, well pensioned for. Oh Mr. Lyons and the rest of the BBC Trust wouldn’t want that because then they would only be able to claim one licence, not 5,6,7,8 from one property. Where the tenants live like rats in cages.

No, the conservative party opposition wouldn’t like that either, they like the Labour party are happy that £30 million a year in Cardiff is paid to private landlords to house the cities impoverished citizens. Their Mr. Cameron is hardly going to press Gordon Brown or the past PM Mr. Blair over such radical reforms is he. I call that spend gross financial mismanagement. But our Public Service Broadcasters like to keep quiet about that, and the BBC Trust given the emails I’ve sent them, know all this and still allow it to continue. So yes they are Culpable in the criminal negligence of Crazydave, and other vulnerable adults, Mr. Parliamentary Standards Commissioner.

QUESTION: In the year 2002 in the company of a so-called support worker one Gem Morris, we visited the office of OFGEM in Cardiff. Where the question of why is it that low-income gas users on the pre-payment card system are paying the highest tariff, after all there payments are in cash and upfront. It seems remarkable that it’s taken till 2008 for this to be in the news. But will government do anything, to equal the tariff, in order to match that of those with direct debits, who have their gas on credit and pay a lower fee. Based on past performance and no scrutators hardly frigging likely Crazydave. Yet they talk talk talk of social justice, while they sweep it under the carpet. No doubt with a Thatcherite ‘let the miners eat cake’ attitude.

But oh the government is making all that extra VAT out of the vulnerable aren’t they, to feather their own nests and probably like Lord Burns have shares in the company. That another question, in the register of members interests on the Lords web site, it seems that the dishonourable members do not have to put what incomes they get from their various directorships, or their other activities as patrons of this or that charity. But some of them sure do have a nice time on their evening stay expenses and their daytime allowance expenses. I sure would like to have £11,000 a year to spend on lunches, Eh Mr. Parliamentary Ombudsman.

QUESTION: £60,000.00 a year MP wages, less 25% = £45,000.00 divided by 52 weeks = £865 pw x 6% = £51.92. That would be the cost pro rata to an MP of what the cost is to me, of my sending a signed for letter to the European Court of Human Rights, and I have no way of knowing if the letter ever got there. I have gone to the Trading Standards department on fractious Friday last week to complain about Royal Mails misleading naming of the product ‘International Signed For’ but as that’s another Cardiff County Council run organisation I doubt that I will hear any more about it. As for the missing letter to Judge Hickinbottom ‘well they do lose mail’ Yeah! I thought I was paying the extra so that they didn’t frigging lose it.

So Mr. Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, the Welsh equivalent hasn’t wanted to take on board any of my complaints regarding members and ministers refusing to reply to questions raised. It looks to me that you’re doing the same. After all you moved pretty sharply over the MP who complained of another stashing half a million quid. These questions are in relation to wholesale neglect and discrimination of a section of the general public, called the socially excluded and vulnerable, or are you like the judge to chicken shit to act on the complaints.

You know that like the murder of an innocent man on a tube train these matters are likely to be whitewashed anyway. It might even relieve your boredom, or have you been told to do nothing.



They are closing the last deep mine in Wales Tower Colliery I believe its called. I wonder if anyone at the Welsh Assembly has cvonsidered seeing as we are running out of Landfill sites that chucking the stuff deep under ground, might help in alliviating that problem for a few years. No money in it Crazydave.

I wonder if Thatcher in her desire to close all mines ever considered that they could be used for this purpose and then we wouldn't be having all this frigging huge holes appearing in the ground. Because they would have been stuffed full of rubbish. Who knows over the next million years what all that crap will turn into, useable substance maybe?????????

But seeing as its another idea from the detestable Crazydave, I expect they will ingnore it. Miners jobs saved filling in the mine they had emptied, I wonder how long that would keep them in employment for. I wonder if any other mines around the country could be reopened for this purpose???????????

But as these blogs of mine have been ignored so far I guess this will be also. I will also have to open yet another email account in order to bypass any blocks they have on the current ones. That Mr. Parliamentary Standards commissioner ought to be outlawed as well.

These are just a few of the many questions that my blogs raise that the BBC would like to make pretend don't exist, just a few. I hope that in the end they will be found culpable in the criminal negligence of Crazydave and other vulnerable adults in the uk.


Today sees Mr. Hain resigning over the slush fund of his. I wonder whether he will be forced to resign his position as MP when this shit hits the fan. For his role as the Secretary of State for Wales, or is he going to claim that 'he knew nothing' with regards the allegations of a criminal nature, with respect to the Welsh Assembly government, prior to last years Assembly elections.


ALL THE BEST PEOPLE in this instance its the end of parliamentary democracy as we have known it and more power to the people. Even a rise in benefit levels equivalent to that of the rise in MP's pay. Thank you Lord!!!

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